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One high school student, Bianca "Nikki" Peet, was interested in creating a Gay-Straight Alliance club at Flour Bluff High School. The district refused to approve her club based on a prior school policy preventing non-curriculum based clubs from meeting on campus, and subsequently banned any school club that failed to meet this policy.
The ACLU has stepped in to support Nikki as well as some students from Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi.
After it was announced that a protest would be held in front of the school on Waldron Road, a few other people decided to organize a counter-protest. Police were on hand patrolling Waldron, looking for both speeders in the all-day school zone as well as ensuring that both groups remained protected. The influx of curious folks driving by to witness the protest and the protestors themselves caused many business & residential parking to fill up. At one point the manager of nearby apartments on Waldron made an announcement that any cars not belonging to residents would be towed. The Dominos Pizza across the street from the protest also saw some parking issues, and owner Daniel Dain parked his Suburban across the driveway at one point. Flour Bluff staff controlled access to school parking lots, requiring proper credentials to park. Nearby Dollar General also felt the pain of the additional car traffic, and although a block away, its parking lot, too, was filled.